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Technical Speakers Slots at vNIC 2018

Technical VMware knowhow from technical speakers for the technical network and security audience! – What else do you expect?

The four technical slots are essential for the vNIC Event in Frankfurt. Our goal is, to make the VMware networking technology in virtualization relevant to the network and security audience. We will equip the session listeners with practical tips and tricks, which will give them a “head start” on their new journey to network virtualization.

We will cover the four main topics in virtualization:

  • Network and Security Virtualization (aka VMware NSX-v and NSX-T)
  • SD-WAN (aka...
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Sponsors Speaker Slots at vNIC 2018

Sponsors – a major pillar for the vNIC Event

As vNIC Event is not an official VMware event on the marketing calendar, the financial support is limited. But such an event cost money – there is the cost for the location, for the catering and many more little things, which adds up to a nice 5 figure Euro amount. Even with the theme of low budget hardcore technical event this event and the event costs have to be paid and here the sponsors play an important role. They make the event happen. So pls. thank you all for the vNIC Event sponsors. Pls. visit their little booths, attend the sponsor's slots...

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Keynote Speakers Slots at vNIC 2018

Our vNIC Keynote Speakers - The highlights of the event?

To be honest, I’m so proud, that we have Ivan and Pere as keynote speakers for our vNIC Event in Frankfurt 18th and 19th of September 2018. Personally this would be a “good enough reason” to attend for myself. To make you familiar with Ivan and Pere I would like to introduce both here and also announce their keynote topic. Both of them will be at the event for discussion in the break before and after, so pick you chance to connect!

Ivan Pepelnjak

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus and Ivan Pepelnjak, Independent Network Architect, ipSpa...

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Draft Agenda for vNIC 2018

Dear attendees,

today we would like to present our draft agenda (version 05.07.2018) and would like to get your frank feedback! Pls. notice, that we will have two major themes (NSX-T and VeloCloud) and two other topics (AppDefense and vRNI).

Additionally, we will have two keynote speeches, which I’m very proud of:

  • Ivan Pepelnjak will do the first keynote on Tuesday morning and
  • Pere Monclus the second on Wednesday morning.

Ivan and Pere are well known in the industry (pls. wait a couple of days – I will write a special blog on our keynote speakers) and will discuss “Software Defined” very cri...

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Sponsors for vNIC 2018

vNIC Event in September 2018: Why and which sponsors for this community event?

Sponsors are vital when it comes to good customer and partner events. This short blog should explain, why we need them and what’s on the positive side when sponsors talk to the customers and partners.

The vNIC Event will run for two days in 2018, this means we have to pay for two days of location rent and catering. Rent and catering are the biggest blocks when it comes to event costs. Sure there are other expensive things like event agency support, the cost for blog/website, attendees giveaways, prints and many more...

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NSX-T Webcast 06 March 2018

In the Webcast we will give an introduction in VMware’s new network virtualization platform NSX-T. We will discuss the overall NSX-T architecture and give some details on our newly designed distributed data plane. We will also discuss the main differences between the NSX-T platform and the well known NSX for vSphere platform.

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Feb 23, 2018 Gerd Pflueger in Events