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Blockchain Overview

Blockchain Overview

There are many ideas around blockchain, not only in finance (Bitcoin), where this started, also in networking, energy, packet delivery etc.

In general, blockchain is a distributed database, which keeps a list of transactions. The list will be added chronologic and every dataset will be added at the end of the list. New blocks will be added on request and will store a checksum of the block before. As said, blockchain was developed to act as accounting system for Bitcoins and all Bitcoin transactions. Every computer connected to the blockchain has to record the Bitcoin transactions to the blockchain. Without blockchain Bitcoin would not work.

The blockchain principle has to be looked at without the Bitcoins. Then you will have the chance to create complete new applications and new ecosystems. IT is developing decentral structures, which will enable the user to keep an eye on their data. With decentral systems multiple computers could store the data and will be available by the Internet. Next step will be consolidating process will not stop here, it will be used for storing other data in the cloud.

"Blockchain as a Service" could be seen as a new service in the cloud and is addressing developers to create new solutions. "Cryptlets" will help to give users the chance to store external data in the blockchain without compromising security and integrity. This cryptlets will be available in nearly every program language and will be used in combination with containers. There are already a few commercial solutions, like security supporting identity and encryption. Different large vendors are experimenting with the technology, IBM, HPE and SAP, to create new offerings around Blockchain.

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