Virtual Networking Innovation Community

Draft Agenda for vNIC 2018

Dear attendees,

today we would like to present our draft agenda (version 05.07.2018) and would like to get your frank feedback! Pls. notice, that we will have two major themes (NSX-T and VeloCloud) and two other topics (AppDefense and vRNI).

Additionally, we will have two keynote speeches, which I’m very proud of:

  • Ivan Pepelnjak will do the first keynote on Tuesday morning and
  • Pere Monclus the second on Wednesday morning.

Ivan and Pere are well known in the industry (pls. wait a couple of days – I will write a special blog on our keynote speakers) and will discuss “Software Defined” very critical and direct with you. Also, the sponsors will help with TOI (Transfer of Information) and will talk about their field of expertise.

We hope, that the agenda sounds so interesting, that you immediately will register. But just in case you have an additional idea, pls. put this idea in the blog comments so everybody could follow the optimation of the agenda for “vNIC 2018”!

Thanks and ciao, Gerd


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