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Maintaining and automating a VMware NSX-T infrastructure as code

In a more and more API driven world where companies are using automation tools to deploy, maintain and destroy their virtual infrastructures, one open-source tool gets more and more traction: HashiCorp Terraform.

There is a Terraform provider available to manage your virtual machines in a VMware vSphere infrastructure since a while, but it was not easily possible to also manage your NSX-T virtual network infrastructure for these virtual machines.

This has changed some months ago: VMware released a Terraform provider for NSX-T in April 2018.

In this little post I want to highlight some useful resources where you can find more information about what can be done using infrastructure as code in conjunction with a VMware NSX-T virtual network environment.

Here you can find the VMware blogpost on the release of the NSX-T Terraform provider written by our Technical Product Manager Yasen Simeonov.

The according blogpost on HashiCorp Blogs can be found here.

A detailed documentation and configuration guide can be found in the Terraform documentation here.


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