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NSX Service Mesh

We are excited to introduce VMware NSX® Service Mesh.

Built on the foundation of Istio, this VMware offering will extend the capabilities of the Istio service mesh technology to bring visibility, control, and security at the application layer to microservices, the data they access, the users that interact with them, as well as traditional monolithic applications.

NSX Service Mesh will enable visibility, control, and security for services, data, and users at the API level. This acts as a natural evolution of cloud-native constructs and will act as an extension of the NSX-T Data Center platform’s replication of networking and security services in software, which is applied directly to containers via the Container Network Interface (CNI).

See the full report: VMware Blogs - Introducing NSX Service Mesh

Dec 16, 2018 Christoph Buschbeck in News


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