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Sponsors Speaker Slots at vNIC 2018

Sponsors – a major pillar for the vNIC Event

As vNIC Event is not an official VMware event on the marketing calendar, the financial support is limited. But such an event cost money – there is the cost for the location, for the catering and many more little things, which adds up to a nice 5 figure Euro amount. Even with the theme of low budget hardcore technical event this event and the event costs have to be paid and here the sponsors play an important role. They make the event happen. So pls. thank you all for the vNIC Event sponsors. Pls. visit their little booths, attend the sponsor's slots and discuss with them!!! They are sooooooo important for the event!!!

To make you familiar with the sponsors I will shortly summarize the companies, the speakers, and their talks.

We will have four sponsors for the 2018 vNIC Event in Frankfurt:

  • AVI Networks
  • NIL
  • Isarnet AG
  • Zscaler

To get more familiar with the sponsors have a look at this blog:

AVI Networks - Link

Ivan Ostojić is working at Avi Networks as Systems Engineer. Prior to Avi worked in the area of infrastructure software and supporting clients in architecting, deploying and scaling on premise IaaS, covering OpenStack and container-based orchestration solutions. In a more distant past worked throughout EMEA as part of Juniper professional services team delivering consulting services in the core and edge of the network. Passionate about API driven infrastructure and software defined networking solutions.

Network Automation and Elastic Application Services with VMware NSX and Avi Networks

Organizations have to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of their IT, while eliminating cost and complexity, in order to accelerate their business. While they can achieve these benefits for application deployments, legacy networking and application services solutions, which are modular, and appliance based, prevent them from realizing end-to-end flexibility and automation benefits for the infrastructure stack. Furthermore, emergence of private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments and heterogeneous environments (bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers) further hampers the value of legacy solutions.

VMware and Avi Networks with their next-generation software-defined networking and software-defined load balancing solutions enable enterprises to deliver the benefits of flexibility, agility, speed, automation, elastic scale, and cost effectiveness via their integrated SDN solution from network layers (L2-L3) to application layers (L4-L7). This integrated solution enables networks and application services to be provisioned and scaled quickly and automatically, to match application and infrastructure automation that is possible with public cloud and private cloud frameworks.

The session will cover: Problem statement; deploying applications in a heterogeneous environment (bare metal servers, VMs, containers) in on-prem data centers / private clouds as well as in public clouds. Overview of the solution: Outline and explain joint solution that integrates VMware’s NSX SDN and show How it works.

NIL - Link

Mitja Robas is a networking and data center expert, with almost 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting high-demand data centers, complex networks and virtualization solutions deployed all over the world. Apart from field and consulting engineer role, he is also instructor and content developer for specialized topics, sharing his knowledge with engineers around the world. Lately he's been mostly interested in all-flash storage, software defined networking, hyper-converged infrastructure, automation and cloud computing, exercising his curiosity in testing and analyzing those solutions.

Make Data Center Network Automation Your Friend

Though designing and sizing a data center solution is important, many tend to forget about day 0 to day 2 operations i.e. implementing changes, updates and upgrades, scaling, maintaining, and monitoring the solution … These are all important parts of a solution's life cycle. A seasoned IT professional will agree that we rarely see a greenfield project but rather a migration or an upgrade of an existing environment. Such projects almost certainly consist of multiple components - think about for physical and then virtual workloads, now adding the realm of containers – the network must provide common ground for all though they may have quite different requirements. The pace of changes, the scale of environments, the lifespan of instances, and sheer complexity (even though it's under the hood) is beyond the abilities of manual administration. Automation can be our friend in saving time, omitting errors and faults, and pursuing operational nirvana. We'll take a down-to-earth look at the automation, the benefits and challenges, discuss how it can be used, and show that automation can does help operating nowadays environments more efficiently.

Isarnet - Link


Jochen Koegel works as architect on the future of the IsarFlow network monitoring solution. Furthermore, he coordinates IsarNet research activities and is project coordinator of AutoMon, a nationally funded research project. In AutoMon, IsarNet develops conceps for automated network performance monitoring together with the partners TUM, Sandstorm and networking experts from Deutsche Bahn, IBM and Postbank. Jochen Kögel has been involved in a high number of projects for IsarNet customers, transforming their requirements into sustainable solutions. Before he joined IsarNet in 2011, he received his PhD from University of Stuttgart, where he worked on security, network monitoring and mobile service platforms.

Traffic Visibility in large networks

While networks become more and more automated, understanding network traffic behavior is vital for network operation, trouble shooting, and planning. IsarFlow does not only provide intuitive insights into a large amount of collected monitoring data, but also provides generic and customer-specific integration of business-specific information. This allows IsarFlow users to gain visibility across heterogenous networks, which often have been separated data islands before.

Zscaler - Link

As Solution Architect Nils Ullmann ist supporting organisations in EMEA and around the globe in their digital transformation processes. Based on his longterm expertise in LAN-WAN networks, SD-WAN, security, virtualisation and the cloud, he is accompanying customers in designing future-proof network and security infrastructures. Zero IT branch office, a user focused approach and cloud-ready networks are critical success factors, that need to be considered for a successful transformation.

SD-WAN and Cloud Security - two complementary technologies

The cloudification of IT infrastructures and the move of applications to AWS or Azure forces organisations to rethink their Wide Area Network concepts. Sending Internet-related trafic via MPLS to centrally organised data centers was a valid approach, as long as employees were working in offices and applications were hosted in company-own data centers. Due to increasing staff mobility and cloudification, SD-WANs are nowadays required to disburden WANs effectively and bring local Internet breakouts to all company locations. Security at each subsiduary is delivered via a cloud based service to reduce the burden of administration.


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