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Technical Speakers Slots at vNIC 2018

Technical VMware knowhow from technical speakers for the technical network and security audience! – What else do you expect?

The four technical slots are essential for the vNIC Event in Frankfurt. Our goal is, to make the VMware networking technology in virtualization relevant to the network and security audience. We will equip the session listeners with practical tips and tricks, which will give them a “head start” on their new journey to network virtualization.

We will cover the four main topics in virtualization:

  • Network and Security Virtualization (aka VMware NSX-v and NSX-T)
  • SD-WAN (aka VeloCloud by VMware)
  • Innovative Security for Day 0 (aka VMware AppDefense)
  • Network Visualisation and Troubleshooting (VMware vRNI)

Speakers from the business unit in Palo Alto will cover deep dives into the different topics. The technical level will be high and the content is tailored to our audience!


Amit Aneja is a Technical Product Manager at VMware in Network and Security Business Unit. In this role, Amit focusses on Layer 3 technologies and Edge platform for NSX. Prior to joining VMware, Amit worked at Cisco and a Cisco Partner for 10+ years. He holds a CCIE (Emeritus) in Routing/Switching and Service Provider.

NSX-T Data Center Architecture and Routing Deep Dive

Providing optimal path for the traffic in a network has been one of the topmost priorities for Network Architects. In this session, we will discuss how VMware NSX-T Data Center provides optimal routing by leveraging both distributed and centralized routing. We will start with use cases for NSX-T Datacenter, take a look at the Architecture and then deep dive into NSX-T Multi-Tier Routing architecture. We will discuss distributed routing for E-W traffic and centralized routing for N-S traffic with packet walks. We will wrap up the session with an overview of High availability deployment options.

VeloCloud - Part 1

Tim van Herck has over 15 years of experience in Technical Marketing, Product Management, and Cloud Service Operations. He is currently the Director of Technical Product Management at VeloCloud, now part of VMware, leading his team responsible for writing product content, technical training and development. Tim previously worked for Aryaka, Cisco Systems, Allegro Systems, Assured Access Technology and Alcatel. Tim holds an MS in Industrial Sciences from the University of Antwerp.

SD-WAN Core Capabilities Deep Dive

As the SD-WAN market rapidly grows, Gartner has defined these solutions to have four key capabilities. They must be Transport Independent where multiple links of different types can be used. The solution should have dynamic path selection capabilities for for load sharing and application performance protection while at the same time provide VPN capabilities to secure data flows. Last, the solution shall have a simple management interface allowing both efficient control by administrators as well as other management systems. This session will go in detail which features achieve these characteristics and look under the hood on how they are achieved.

VeloCloud - Part 2

Ray Wong is a Principal Systems Engineer at VMware. He joined VMware in Dec 2017, as part of the VeloCloud acquisition. As the first employee in VeloCloud EMEA, Ray is involved in a large number of SD-WAN projects and deployments, and has presented at various forums including WAN Summit and Mobile World Congress. He continues to serve as the technical lead as the team grows. Prior to VeloCloud, he worked at Cisco Systems in technical marketing for enterprise routing, security, and virtual router, etc.

Ray is a technology enthusiast with 10+ years of experience in computer networking. His areas of expertise include routing and switching, network security, cloud computing and virtualization, and Software Defined WAN. He is also an energetic world traveler, having been to 40+ countries, lived in 3 continents, and conducted business in 6 continents.

Ray graduated at University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a honor degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Migration & Design

SD-WAN is becoming reality for a lot of Enterprises. The number 1 topic for most customers choosing SD-WAN is migration, aka how do I transition from traditional MPLS network to SD-WAN? In this section, we will go through the thought process of such migration. We will go deep into the design consideration for migration, understand the challenge, and see how NSX SD-WAN makes everything easy. We will also present various network insertion topology, and discuss when and why you will use each topology.


Scott McKinnon has worked with network security for over 15 years covering numerous technology areas; secure access, AAA, public key infrastructure, network and application-level encryption, security policy enforcement and formal product certification.

He has held roles in post-sales, pre-sales, consulting and product management for networking and security vendors, working with customers to resolve product implementation issues, define architectures and create solutions. Scott has contributed to security architectures and worked with industry participants, the IEFT and national assurance schemes on standards as well as driving security features into network products.

Scott has an BEng in Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management and has worked in France, the US and as well as his native UK. He joined VMware in September 2015 to work with Public Sector Accounts in the defence, intelligence and central government arena before joining the SDDC architecture team to focus on security, compliance and regulations.

Application-Centric Security for the Security Operations Center (SOC)

VMware AppDefense is a data centre endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualised environments. Rather than chasing after threats, AppDefense understands an application's intended state and behavior, then monitors for changes to that intended state that indicate a threat. When a threat is detected, AppDefense automatically responds.

This session will focus on how AppDefense gathers the application’s intended state, what techniques are employed to monitor it in real-time and cover the strategies available to reduce risk by operationalising the response via automation. In addition, we will discuss the partner eco-system evolving around AppDefense showing the value of this rich security capability. A short demo will be included detailing the automation.



Martijn Smit is a Senior Networking & Security Specialist SE, with current focus on virtualization (primarily VMware) and a lot of experience in the business ISP (Internet Service Provider) field. Extensive knowledge of networking, virtualization, (database) clustering, colocation, rackspace and shared webhosting. Currently working as a project engineer designing and deploying infrastructure based on Cisco (UCS, Nexus, Catalyst), NetApp, VMware automation software for VDI and hosting platforms. Specialties: VMware, Networking, Technical Sales, Programming (C, C++, Objective-C, web languages). Cisco CCIE Datacenter: #44460

Managing and Troubleshooting with vRNI

Having visibility and troubleshooting capabilities across the virtual and physical network infrastructure among clouds is a challenging task involving multiple teams and tools. Planning and implementing security with micro-segmentation in your clouds is an even more complex task, requiring data from multiple sources and hours of IT effort. Learn how VMware vRealize Network Insight can enable your organization to effectively manage and troubleshoot your private and public cloud network infrastructure. See how to accelerate deployments with micro-segmentation rules and recommendations, and VMware NSX day 2 operations. With a simple search-based UI and support for AWS, vRealize Network Insight is the leading network and security management platform in the industry.


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