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Sponsors for vNIC 2018

vNIC Event in September 2018: Why and which sponsors for this community event?

Sponsors are vital when it comes to good customer and partner events. This short blog should explain, why we need them and what’s on the positive side when sponsors talk to the customers and partners.

The vNIC Event will run for two days in 2018, this means we have to pay for two days of location rent and catering. Rent and catering are the biggest blocks when it comes to event costs. Sure there are other expensive things like event agency support, the cost for blog/website, attendees giveaways, prints and many more. Even charging 99 Euro as attendance fee, will not cover everything. So we have to rely on the financial support from our sponsors, as we are not on the official marketing event calendar from VMware. But being not a 100% official event will give us the opportunity to deliver less marketing and more frank and neutral knowhow and build a community for the networking folks in the market with VMware, the sponsors and with the attendance itself. The sponsors not only bring money, they also offer other and new opinions and they demonstrate know-how to share with the audience. So do not miss the sponsor's speaker slots!!!

In 2018 after the first event in November 2017 we use sponsors the first time, as the event is growing and the attendees expect a professional event, including good catering and some community activities on the first evening. We spoke to various companies and now we have four sponsoring companies on the list (3 already agreed official). The idea for the rest of the blog is to talk a bit about the sponsors and the connection to networking and virtualization.

Isarnet AG ( is a Munich based software and consulting company, which delivers networking services and workshops to the networking customers in Germany and EMEA. Well known for their high rate of Cisco certifications (32x CCIE and 15x CCDE) Isarnet is the icon of consulting and services in the networking business. Their CCIE boot camps are legendary and very successful. As software vendor, they deliver a network management solution (IsarFlow) around NetFlow and SNMP, which collects, caches and analyses the data for Enterprise and SP/Telco customers. Isarnet is now evaluating their portfolio and is adding consulting and services for SD-technologies and is checking the use case for IsarFlow for SD-WAN and SDDC.

NIL ( is a Ljubljana (Slovenia) based company, which focused on networking consulting, project scoping, system design, network implementation, support and operations and finally network education. They cover data centers, security, and workplace and are historically a big Cisco partner. Today they are also a VMware Partner. For me personally, NIL is like an older brother to Isarnet, similar background, and similar development, when it comes to virtualization. Lots of well-known specialists have their roots in NIL, just to mention Ivan Pepelnjak (vNIC 2018 keynote speaker), who authored a couple of books on “network virtualization with MPLS”. Another networking specialist in NIL is Mitja Robas (vNIC 2017 speaker), who developed himself from a pure Cisco specialist to a now industry-wide honored virtualization specialist with VMware.

Zscaler ( was founded in 2008 on a simple but powerful concept: as applications move to the cloud, security needs to move there as well. This concept fits perfectly with our SD-WAN solution “VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud”. So we partner with Zscaler and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) in combination with VeloCloud Cloud Gateway for direct and secure Internet access for the branches. Expect to hear from the Zscaler speakers about best-practices and how you could boost your Internet access with SD-WAN.

AVI Networks (, which means “rising sun” in Sanskrit, was founded in 2012 in the Silicon Valley with eliminating the final obstacles that customers face in dynamic data centres and clouds. VMware NSX and AVI Vantage enable enterprises to deliver flexibility, agility, speed, automation, elastic scale, and cost effectiveness, for L2-L3 layers as well as L4-L7 layers for application networking. Come to the AVI booth and check out the “Integration with VMware vCenter in 30 seconds”, “Infrastructure-agnostic, Multi-Cloud Load Balancing” or “Complete Isolation and Multi-tenancy”.

Perhaps a fifth sponsor is in the discussion. I will add info here if the sponsor will become official. Important for us is, that you will challenge the sponsor while speaking a the sponsors slot and also leverage their little booths and exhibits/displays. Pls. discuss straight and frank.

More to follow!!!


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